Welcome to Gabriella Resource, the officiel website for the talented 15-year-old model and actress Gabriella Jones. You may recognize her from the many advertising campaigns she modeled for or her commercials. Don't hesistate to have a look around the site and enjoy! You can email me with any questions or concerns.

News & Updates

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Old pictures!
Hey guys! I have some adorable, adorable new pictures for you today! While browsing the internet I found some really cute old headshots of Gabriella, taking when she was probably only 7 or 8 years old! How cute is that?! I hope I have some more recent pictures for you guys soon!

Posted on May 30, 16 by Es

Facebook Page!
Hey everyone! Long time no update! Gabriella hasn't done any modeling recently, but we are sure she hasn't been sitting still! To unite fans a bit more, we created a Facebook page for Gabby's fans! Click the banner and head over there, we hope to see you all like the page!

Posted on May 20, 16 by Es

Walmart George Uniforms!
Hey Gabriella fans! I have an awesome new picture for you guys today! Miss Gabriella modeled for Walmart, specifically for George Uniforms back in December 2013, and a picture of the shoot finally surfaced today! Gabriella can be seen sporting the polo's George offers in the lovely color purple, together with a group of model friends! Let's hope more pictures from the shoot pop up!

Posted on Aug 02, 14 by Es

My Vivitz!
First of all, a new picture of our little miss Gabriella modeling for Soffe has surfaced! I love this photoshoot, including this picture! Click the thumbnail on the right to view it in the gallery! On top of that, we also have a whole new modeling job from Gabriella! She recently had the opportunity to model for a new company called My Vivitz. She can be found all over their website and on a lot of their product packaging! I have added 6 images of this photoshoot into our gallery, enjoy!

Posted on Jul 17, 14 by Es

Welcome to GabyJones.com!
Hey everyone! After a little bit of downtime and a while without a gallery, I am superduper happy to welcome you back to Gabriella's site! As you might have noticed, we have moved homes and we now have an awesome domain name GabyJones.com. I am super excited and thankful about it, don't forget to bookmark it!

When you visit the gallery, you might notice that all the views are gone. Due to the crash of our previous server, we lost our gallery and I had to reupload all the pictures into a new one! While I was at it, I also put up a new gallery theme, I hope you all like it! Definitely browse through the gallery, because every, single picture I had of Gabriella has been added, so it now is 100% up to date! We now have almost 1200 images, isn't that great!

Ofcourse, Gabriella hasn't been sitting still while the website was offline. Our girl modeled even more for the company Splendid, but also did photoshoots for Ella Moss and Soffe. I adore all the new pictures, but you have to check out these ones for Soffe, Gabriella looks so pretty and grown up!

Posted on Mar 29, 14 by Es

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